Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day History Story Information Meaning

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day History Story Information Meaning: Mother’s day is a celebration day for honoring our lovely mother’s. It is the day which completely began with our Surprises, Gifts, Poems, Cards and dedicated songs to mothers and ends with the smile of her. Millions and millions of people celebrate this special day around the world in the month of May every year (Second Sunday of May) and most of the people try to surprise their mother’s by giving them Mother’s day 2019 Card with heart touching quotes, Mother’s day dedicated Poems, Mother’s day Gifts and with the lots of different Mother’s day Gift ideas.On this day, father’s also done a special job with their kids like they wake-up earlier and prepare special breakfast and serve in her bed and give her a surprise, so you can also try this on coming Mother’s day in this May month.

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Mother's Day History

History And Facts Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was founded by an American lady called Anna Jarvis in 1905, she has started a campaign for Mother’s Day and this day is now a national holiday in America. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 in America. Anna Jarvis incidentally never become a mother in her whole life.  In Britain, this day has another name “Mothering Sunday”.

Happy Mother's Day Story

 Mother’s Day Story

Anna Jarvis was born in 1864 in Webster, West Virginia, United States. When she was 12 Years old and one day her mother, Ann Marie Jarvis praying to god that “I hope someone would start a remembrance day for all mother’s around the world, so kids can realize the importance of mother’s and give them a special moment in her life every year” and Anna Jarvis never forget those words in her whole life. That’s why she begin that campaign for mothers and American government accepts this precious day for the whole country and slowly the whole world celebrates Mother’s day. As I told u that Anna never forgets her mother words in her whole life and those words and that prayer will be rooted in her completely and Anna was done a great social and peace work for the society and she formed some work clubs in the whole churches in her birth place for mother’s.

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother's Day 2019 Celebrations In Countries

Now as you know that Mothers Day was founded by an American and after that most of the countries are now celebrated this day including USA, UK, Denmark, India, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, and Belgium. People take this day as a tribute to their mothers and this is specially celebrated for our mothers who never complain about anything and always give us ann unconditional love. On this day, several countries celebrate this day according to their tradition and most of them celebrate it with gifting flowers, cards and special quotes for mothers.
Why Do We Celebrate Mother's Day

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day Reasons

  1. Whether she is sick or not, she will always ready to fill your empty stumck with your favorite food with lots of love. She always wake-up earlier for us and prepare meals for us and never want a single holiday, so I think we should salute her attempts. Making meals for all family members daily is not an easy task, so on mothers day try to wake-up early and prepare a breakfast for her and serve it in her bed and see that priceless smile on her face.
  2. Most of the time our Mothers always sacrifies their dreams and wishes so we (Kids) can easily get that happiness which we want. She never ever complains about our naughty habbits to our fathers even I can say that she is a life saver always. She is a Teacher, Cook, Designer and most important she is a best friend. So if you have a chance to give her happiness on a special day, don’t you celebrate this day for her, I think you should.
  3. Moms are the biggest teacher in the world. We learn every skill from her like the first step we walk and how to run in front of the world, How to stand in front of our problems, How to treat with elders and many more things even everything.
  4. She is the one who will never leave you alone in this world whether you are wrong or right, she will always stand for us. She never wants anything for this love. The circumtances we face all day are the best lessons and when our mothers give us the solution of that problem is the best teaching lesson for us. I hope you agree with me.
  5. Understanding is the key to sucess for any relation in this world and I hope you also know that the understanding power a mother has is the ultimate. No matter you told her your problem or not, your feelings or not, your success or not, she always understands your situation just in seconds when she look at your face and in this world she is the only one who has this power of ultimate understanding.

So in the end, I just want to suggest you that celebrate this day with lots of love and lots of care for your mother. Prepare the whole day meal for her and give her surprises like gift cards, Special Quotes 2019, Sing a Song for her, Special gifts and anything you want, she will be happy with your small attempts too. You can also give her a small chocolate and she will feel luckiest mother in the world. Love is blind and mother’s love is ultimate so try to give her your love to her always. I hope to like this post and another time to visit my website. And get more and more shares to social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, hike, we chat and Google + etc.

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